Questions to Ask Your Indian Wedding Videographer Before Booking

Indian weddings are big and highly detailed. The ceremonies and rituals last for many days and there are so many elements involved. Wedding videography is an important part of planning and requires specialized expertise and experience. You will require a professional wedding filming company with vast experience in filming Indian weddings. Before you hire any service, it is important to fix a consultation and ask them a series of questions to ensure you are choosing the right experts for the job.

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life and you want to ensure it is filmed in all its glory and contains all the right elements at the hands of the right professionals.

Questions to Ask

It is recommended to ask the following questions to all the Indian wedding videographers before hiring any one’s service:

How Long Have You Been Filming Indian Weddings?

Your wedding video will be something that will be seen by you and your family for the rest of your life. Your children and future generations may also cherish it. So, when you look back at the moments, you should feel great about them. Only a professional videographer with years of experience in filming Indian weddings will know what it takes to create masterpieces.

What is Your Video Style?

This is an important question in a number of ways.

  • It will give you a sense of the videographer’s style such as documentary, cinematic, or vintage, and whether it gels with your preferences
  • You may want to add a romantic touch to your wedding film, but some videographers may not have practiced it in the past
  • Check their portfolio to get a better idea of what they have been creating

Ask different wedding videographers about their storytelling style and choose the one that matches your requirements.

Have You Filmed at My Venue?

When your Indian wedding videographer has experience of filming at your venue, they will be better at setting up their equipment in the best possible way. While this is a helpful factor, it should not disqualify a great filming company. If you have found a great service provider that has not worked at the venue before, ask them if they would be willing to visit it with you.

How Much Time Will You Take to Complete & Deliver My Wedding Film?

Indian weddings are elaborate. The wedding ceremonies are spread across days and which means there can be so much video content. Editing the video can take time. Ask your wedding videographer how long it will take them to deliver the completed video. Time can especially be of the essence if you or your family are traveling after the wedding.

Besides these questions, it is recommended to ask the following questions to your Indian wedding videographer:

  • How do you select the music for wedding films?
  • How will you be recording the audio from my wedding ceremony?
  • Will there be a travel charge for the wedding?
  • Who will be filming my wedding?
  • How large will be your filming team?
  • How will you deliver my wedding film?
  • What is your communication plan leading up to the wedding?
  • Are you, your team, and your equipment insured?
  • What kind of input will you need from us?
  • How do you charge for the work?

So, make sure to ask these questions before you hire a videographer specializing in Indian weddings. The answers to these questions should help you shortlist 2 or 3 companies that best meet your requirements. If you want to discuss the filming of your Indian wedding with us, feel free to contact Transition Films at (832) 226-6122.