Indian Wedding Rituals: Understanding the Rituals to Plan Your Wedding Filming

You have an upcoming Indian wedding, and you are completely overwhelmed by the details. As a bride, you have a lot in your hands, but you would certainly want to ensure that every special moment on your big day gets captured forever. When it comes to your wedding, videography is one of the most important parts that you can’t afford to miss. Before you hire any Indian wedding filming service near you, it is important to know about the rituals involved. This knowledge can help save you valuable time, effort, and a lot of headaches, enabling you to coordinate the filming with your videographer and their team.

Indian Wedding Reception

Traditional Indian weddings with festivities in India will typically last up to 5 days. In the United States, normally it is cut back to 2-3 days. Some of the key aspects of thess events are as follows:
• Pre-wedding festivities can last for many days
• Some rituals will be held at home and will involve only close family members
• Other rituals involve parties that honor cultural celebrations and tradition

At Transition Films, we know how important families are within the Indian culture. From experience, we have an in-depth understanding of all the different rituals involved in an Indian wedding.


Henna involves painting the bride’s hands and arms using a special paste, with the goal of infusing good luck and positive spirits. Based on your preferences, we will capture the essence of this ritual in all its artistic glory.
Prayers are also an essential part of Indian wedding rituals. We often capture the prayers during the morning hours, ensuring proper lighting and bringing the entire family in focus.

Dance Parties

Dancing and singing are an essential part of Indian weddings. Often known as ladies Sangeet, this ritual is held a day or two before the wedding day. It takes place during the evening hours and involves family and friends, with everyone singing, dancing, and giving speeches. If you have prepared a rehearsed choreography, make sure to let us know. Every movement of this ritual needs to be captured so that you can cherish them with your beloved and family in the future.


Indian weddings, from most communities, typically have a Baraat. This ritual is again marked with lots of songs and dancing. Our team will be there when the groom arrives, capturing different moments from his journey and arrival.

Wedding Day

Coming to the wedding day, our experience and well-trained videographers will make sure all aspects of your wedding ritual are captured so that you can relive those moments long after the wedding day is over. From the moment you get dressed to your arrival to the wedding ceremony to post-wedding traditions, we will capture all the moments that define the next big step in your life.

We are experts in Indian wedding filming and will work closely with you to plan the details of each ritual and our filming routine. Get in touch with Transition Films at (832) 226-6122.