Wedding Videography

Few Important Reasons Why You Must Consider Wedding Videography For Your Wedding

This is something Transition Films focuses on a lot. Why should couples hire us? Our couples know that we are a great resource, but how can you explain it? These are the 5 points we have boiled down from a lot of thought:

Nothing is better than a professionally made wedding film.

Yes, there are photographers out there. You should definitely invest in a great photographer. We have some names that you can send our way if needed. But. Nothing is more beautiful than watching your mother cry or your partner shake their hands as they place the ring on your ring finger. There are so many small moments and movements that photos cannot capture even a fraction of.

You can hear your wedding day, not just see it

We love the wonderful, often funny, speeches and toasts that are made to the couple during their wedding day. When you realize that you have only photos of the words spoken, you’ll be kicking yourself. Pro audio equipment is essential for wedding filming.

Videography For Your Wedding

Lower the FOMO

FOMO is Fear of Missing Out. This is the feeling you get when you’re unable to go out with your friends. It’s the feeling you get when you realize that everyone else has seen the final episode of a popular TV series, but you didn’t have the time or the knowledge to actually see it. It doesn’t matter if you use Facebook, Instagram or email to share your big day with everyone, it will be something they will treasure and appreciate.

Live the greatest day of your life again

Consider how precious your childhood home videos are. It was so strange to see your dad with a VHS camera, recording you in silly ways, but they are one of the few things that will anchor your childhood memories. As people, time is our greatest enemy. She erodes our memories and steals the youth. For the rest of your lives, be kind to your future and faded memories. You can invest in a wedding video to bring back every emotion you felt on your wedding day.


You won’t regret it!

Transition Films has been filming weddings for many years. We have never seen a couple regret investing in their special day. However, there are many couples who regret not hiring a videographer. Your relationship with your spouse will be the most valuable and important part of your life after you are married. Doesn’t it deserve to be recorded, relieved and recorded?

If you want to discuss the filming of your Wedding Videography with us, feel free to contact Transition Films at (832) 226-6122.